More reasons to choose
EdRebound Tutors

Reinforcement and Refresher

- Reinforce and refresh your skills while closing academic gaps. - Maintain learning rhythms throughout the summer.
-Work on trouble areas and go into next year with confidence.

Certified Tutors

- Get matched with an experienced, certified tutor. Our tutors have been vetted and have passed extensive background checks. EdRebound tutors are experts In their subjects. Their passion helps inspire your child to love learning and have more confidence In school. Plus, we ensure that our tutors have the right communication tools In place to build a positive relationship with your child.


All Summer Rebound Tutoring sessions are only $25. Starting June 1 - August 1. Summer Rebound sessions are 30 mins.


Your tutor starts by getting to know your child, their learning preferences, and their academic needs.


Tutors will review or provide a baseline assessment and focus on areas of need to strengthen your child's knowledge where they need it.


After every session, you'll get a summary with a recap, progress update, and tips for review.