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Rebound K-5 Math & Reading

Catch up or get ahead. Prepare for the best school year ever! We’ll build – or reinforce – the skills needed to succeed in school: reading, writing, phonics, math and study skills. These are the skills needed for later learning.

Rebound 6-8
Math & More

EdRebound Tutors tutoring program for students of grades 5, 6, 7 and 8 gives them a push-start with learning Algebra, Geometry and Physical Sciences, thereby building a strong foundation for more complex concepts at high school.

Rebound 9-12 Math and Beyond

Critical and independent thinking skills, problem solving activities, subject integration are some techniques used to help each student excel. Our online tutoring programs for high school students are designed to engage the student’s reasoning skills while reinforcing key skills and concepts.

Online Tutoring Features

*See your tutor with video

 *Speak to each other with high quality audio

 *Write, type, and draw on the digital whiteboard
 * Chat via instant messaging

 *Share files like diagrams, homework, graphs and tests

 *Replay tutoring sessions.

Rebound College

Call today at (813) 820.0820 to learn more about our college tutoring services!

Test Prep

Didn't make the test scores that you needed? No worries! Rebounding is our specialty! In our tutoring sessions you will review practice questions and address problem areas to get your score in shape for college admissions. Guess what?! We provide GED tutoring as well! We cover: GED, ACT, PSAT, SAT test prep tutoring